What about visiting the whole world in one place? Yes! It is not a joke. Who would not like to save the money, resources and time to travel to various tourist attractions around the world when it is possible to visit all those hyped destinations at one place. There is a whole world that awaits you in Philippines with a wide array of cuisines to taste and many different people to meet. Ahead of striking beaches, magnificent mountains, exotic islands and bustling arenas, Philippines has much more to offer from its unfathomable treasure house. Here, we will acquaint you with the striking similarity that exists between various places within Philippines and the other countries in the world. 1. Calauit, Coron Palawn = Africa Source: Calauit Safari park is a wildlife sanctuary that is stretched in a 3700 hectare island in Calamian Islands. It is a dwelling place to an extensive population of African animals such as giraffes, zebras, antelopes, elephants etc and hence this place has amply earned the name of “Little Africa”. You can even dress up in safari theme with a cowboy hat and khakis and post a picture in a wildlife backdrop. [Book Cheap Flights to Philippines] 2. Coron Bay, Palawan = Halong Bay, Vietnam coron bay palawan Source: Would you like a touch of history to your beach destination? If yes, Coron Bay is your place in Philippines. Owing to the wrecks that sunk near the bay, when US army launched a massive air strike, this bay has been a favourite spot for the divers and is located in between Busuanga and Culion Islands. Besides the underneath wrecks, there are gorgeous cliffs which are so breathtakingly beautiful that the whole scenario will remind you of the Halong Bay in Vietnam. [Book Cheap Flights to Vietnam] 3. Fortune Island, Batangas = Greece fortune island batangas Source; The Fortune Island boasts of its iconic pillars and stupendous sculptures of mythical creatures and symbolic Gods to be inspired by ancient Greek architectural style. On the shore one can witness an overwhelming replica of sunken San Diego and Spanish Galleon. Here people can engage in any activity of their interest like snorekelling, swimming, hiking or cliff jumping. Click a perfect profile photo in a blue or white flowery dress with amazing Grecian columns contributing to the perfect backdrop. [Book Cheap Flights to Manila] 4. Candijay, Bohol = Sapa Valley, Vietnam candijay bohol Source: The Cadapdapan Rice Terraces in Barangay Candijay in Bohol might not be as splendid as those in other remarkable places like Batad or Banaue in the Cordillera region, but still it has own captivating aura that will make your visit to Philippines worthwhile. [Book Cheap Flights to Davao] 5. Batanes = New Zealand batanes island Source: Batanes is the dream destination in Philippines. Its awe inspiring views, and gushing waves banging against the cliffs is a striking sight to behold. The whole scenario seems as if it comes alive straight from Lord of Rings, like it is another world out there. If you wish to visit the places around Batanes, the area predominated by the Ivantans, you have to perhaps come struggling through the angry waves. [Book Cheap Flights to Clark] 6. Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi Taguig has its own thing to give a competition to Venice. Sitangkai is an island in Tawi Tawi that is largely known as the “Venice of the South”. This sword shaped island serves as a main gateway to the municipality. While cruising along the canal, one can observe footbridges that link the communities from both the sides of the canal. Boats solely are the chief medium of transportation on the island. This place will surely give you a glimpse of Bangkok’s floating market. [Book Cheap Flights to Iloilo] 7. Siargao, Bantayn Island or Boracay = The Bahamas siargao philippines Source: The archipelago of Phillipines is dabbed with amazing islands with white sand beaches and sparkling turquoise waters. When you will saunter through the Siargo, Bantayan Island, Samal Island, Boracay etc you will feel as if you are in Bahamas though you would be on one of the famous Philippines’ attractions. 8. Binondo, Manila = China binondo manila source The Chinese who have settled in Philippines had a great influence on the trade and culture of the country. Binondo is the conventional centre of community life for the Filipino – Chinese. No wonder this place became the world’s oldest Chinatown. You will agree on this when you will book cheap flights to Manila and see the place yourself. [Book Cheap Flights to China] 9. Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall, McKinley Hill, Taguig = Venice or Macau venice piazza grand canal mall This could be a mixed experience when you are visiting the famous places in Philippines. Not only in Venice, a Gondola ride is possible in Manila also. McKinley Hill in Taguig started the Gandola rides in Manila owing to its picturesque canal at the Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall. It has more of an influence of Macau than Venice. You can set your focus in any direction to click a picture in Macau or Venice, whichever you prefer. 10. Sirao Flower Farm, Cebu = Amsterdam, Netherlands sirao flower farm cebu Source: Your flights to Cebu will take you to the Busay community in Lahug which holds a long history of growing flowers. It was not much famous till last few years but slowly the place gain popularity when people started visiting the place and shared the pictures of red and yellow booming flowers. Since then, the flower farm has been the most frequently visited destination in Philippines. The bright flowers of Celosia were brought by the delegates of Cebuano who visited Netherlands. [Book Cheap Flights to Cebu] 11. Vigan IIocos, Sur = Spain vigan ilocos sur Source: When you are looking for places to visit in Philippines, don’t forget Vigan, Llocos Sur. Here you will find some ancient treasures of Spanish-influenced heritage sites like the Heritage Village of Vigan which will take you back in time. 12. Bilar Man-Made Forest, Bohol = Sagano Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan man made forest in bilar bohol Source: In Bilar, Bohol, there is a Mahogany forest that stretches to around two kilometers. It is a man made forest that is so unique and perfect in shape that it inspired many filmmakers to shoot some movie scenes in the area. These forests definitely resemble the Sagano bamboo forest in Japan. So, we have equipped you with many destinations in Philippines that would suffice your needs to travel different tourist destinations across the globe. What you have to do is, just book your flights to Philippines and gear up for the excitement!