The Big Apple can be confounding! Oh, let me introduce you to the Big Apple. No, it is not a supermarket or the next model of iPhone. Big Apple is none other than the nickname of the rambling city of New York that invites several flights to New York from the UK throughout the year. The name came to fame in 1920 due to a promotional campaign. The must-see list for a first timer is captivating. So do not fear; you will surely return again and again to admire Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA and few other top 6 places where you will not easily go. These are places where locals grow, live, and play. The Central Park The Central Park is a natural gem with tourists as well as herds all around. The Central Park is home to an expansive flora and hidden histories. Just grab a bicycle early morning and just head towards the park. As you pedal along, you will be thrilled to see children playing around; hear a guitar strumming nearby; relish mouth-watering specialities such as pancakes and waffles. You too can enjoy a picnic with your family and enjoy the sun. Capture the picture of a bird on a branch or a beautiful butterfly in search of a spot to sit; start a conversation with an elderly person and learn their views; get your guitar along and entertain a circle of friends. A Stroll on the West Village The West Village is a serene neighbourhood, which collectively abides since the 19th century. The topography and the geography can be quite puzzling. The highlights around this place include Jefferson market Courthouse and few shopping centres. Halt at Magnolia Bakery for some luscious cupcakes or else, at gastro-pub. Get tempted to book flights from London to New York at competitive rates and save big. The Pizzeria at Grimaldi’s Yorkers enjoy debating about the best pizza in town. With endless food courts nestling towards downtown New York, the best is still to be hunted. If you have few hours in the city, you cannot ignore Grimaldi’s fresh and juicy pizza. You not only get to taste delicious pie, you also experience utmost thrill with a ravishing view of Manhattan. ESBs 85th Floor The stately deco architecture of the ESB is ‘The One’. The towering structure of New York is not only mind-blowing but also enchanting when you gaze at the city skyline from the 85th floor. The tickets might seem pricey, but it is worth it. Well, you can buy the tickets online to avoid the long queue. The Art Centre MoMA, or the Museum of Modern Art is a sea of treasures from the modern masters. The building constantly displays challenging masterpieces from famous artists. You can easily spend your day strolling around the garden and read a book while being seated on a beach. With cheap New York flights, enjoy the warm sunshine in the bright Cataract City and relish coffee and cookies. Shake a Leg at Bowery Ballroom Thumbs up to the best music arcade in New York, known as the Bowery Ballroom. This double-levelled music venue is home to the city’s best sound system. The downstairs level is an amazing bar and a refreshing place to relax. The ballroom is the crowning glory, which includes a local chain of venues that includes Music Hall of Williamsburg. There is always something for everyone. You can book cheap London to New York flights right away with amazing discounts and special offers that you may have never imagined. New York is the largest city in the United States of America. The city is drenched with architectural marvel, abundant iconic monuments, impressive structures and countless crammed skyscrapers fighting to be the highest in town. Besides the endless splendours, The Big Apple is an urban jungle that has everything for everyone.