Winters will fade away soon and though that’s sad, but not heart-breaking for a traveller, for a traveller knows there are umpteen destinations, ever newer ones that can be extremely exciting and rewarding. So, now we wait for spring and very soon we spring into action to escape into the places good for a spring break. So aren’t you all excited to enjoy a milder climate and explore exquisite sceneries? The crucial part is there is so much to choose from, it can be impossible from where to start flight Deal So here are the top five: Discover South Morocco Morocco and spring are inseparable, especially if it’s topped with a suitable climate and well-scented oranges thriving everywhere. You will surely hear the Atlas Mountains calling out among the blooming flowers after the snow has melted. Do step into the souks and the chance to explore few petite villages away from the crowded trail. During afternoons try out a hamam in Essaouira as well as enjoy a camel ride in the Sahara. Soak in the Spirit of Sicily Walking in Sicily is quite blissful as you avoid the crammed streets of Taormina. The temperature is yet to reach its peak during March and April and the tourists are yet to flock into the city. Easter being the most anticipated event for Sicilians, it is marked with rituals and celebrations. Ecstatic processions weave their way through the cobbled streets towards a parish church. No wonder, food-lovers find the city overflowing during such times. Make sure you try out the Cassata cake and Marzipan. Everything is truly mouth-watering! Discover Sailing in Cuba Cuba is also fantastic during the spring season. Before the mercury soars in summer, enjoy discovering an archipelago comprising of 350 uninhabited atolls and several cultural features. Get close to the marine as well as encounter wildlife as you sail out far into the natural wonders around that place. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the clear waters; encounter striking reefs while snorkelling and take in the incredible vibe of Cuba. Lot of biking, kayaking and hiking in Cambodia The vigorous culture of Cambodia springs upto life in the middle of February and April, when the locals celebrate their New Year. If you are on the spot that time, you can admire various rituals and water blessings being carried out at the shrines. Look out for a cycling tour of the town that takes you through isolated villages where you get to stay in a nice little town of Kratie. Ultimately, Northern Brazil There cannot be an excellent time for exploring Brazil afresh. Even after the Olympic Games the country has seen an enormous boom in infrastructure, making Brazil more tourist-friendly than ever. To get soaked into something new, embark towards north Brazil. You will surely discover the implausible city of Rio, before drowning in the party-town of Salvador, or trekking through the impressive Chapada do Diamantina national park. Among all such adventure, do not forget to stopover at the exceptional town of Jericoacara.