When is the best time to book a flight to Caracas?


Venezuela has a tropical climate with wet and dry seasons rather than hot and cold. The dry season is from December to April, with January and February as the coolest months and driest and hottest months being July and August.

The Caribbean coast is usually dry all year round. In Gran Sabana, the dry season is November to May, but the best time to visit Caracas is just after the rains, when the rivers are full and the humidity is not yet too high.


Where is best places to eat in Caracas?


Simón Bolívar International Airport (CCS) serves as the important air hub for Caracas that can be reached through various airlines flying out from most of the key airports in the UK. We provide you the best offers even for your car hire and hotel packages. Browse our website today and find fares for your travel needs at competitive prices. You are guaranteed the best possible price that won’t be painstaking as you book your travel with us.



Best to shopping around in Caracas?


Visitors and Venezuelans tend to shop at one of the many modern malls built around Caracas. Of these, Centro Comercial Sambil is the most popular and reputed. It features everything from a gourmet restaurant to a multiplex cinema and space to perform arts.

Other prominent malls include the Centro Comercial Ciudad Tamanaco, Calle LaEstanciaand the Centro Lido. Las Mercedes is an opulent district housing shops, restaurants and art galleries that makes it the choicest spot for browsing and buying.

Art and Craft lovers can head to Mercado Guajiro to explore a collection of 30 shops featuring indigenous items. The best is still to come at Hannsi Centro Artesanal that has a huge indoor bazaar with everything from woven baskets to ceramic wares.


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Caracas is a city of great diversity, offering a wide range of scenery, an interesting metropolis where modernism and traditions merge into being one. Caracas boasts to have the tidiest and most modern transport system connecting all the major spots in the city.


Caracas has an impressive economic growth and towering structures that intermingle with world heritage sites. The city is a concrete jungle twined with captivating parks and lush natural reserves. Explore a strange mix of rich and poor living alongside each other. Apart from tourism developments, the friendliness of the people lives up till this day. It's a city that every traveller should experience.



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