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Going on a trip either for holidays or business is always thrilling but flight searching and booking is always nerve-racking. Consider yourself fortunate to be at Crystal Travel - your one-stop travel shop for all your travel solutions. We are here to provide exclusive information to help you book cheap flights to Kinshasa from Newcastle with money-saving deals. You're going to love Kinshasa! It is a city that you need to experience rather than just visit. The busy life, music, exotic greenery and settlements beside River Congo is overwhelming.


You might be a lover of outdoor adventure, inclined towards music, an art lover or hardcore shopper, Kinshasa has everything you'd expect from a tourist destination. NCL to FIH flights is your eventual escape towards ‘Kinshasa the Beautiful’. If you are searching for best and low-cost flight deals, we have you covered. Whether you are looking forward to your first family holiday in Kinshasa, an adventurous excursion or wish to explore Congo and beyond, we can offer you the best flights from Newcastle to Kinshasa with huge discounts. With our efficient search engine and travel experts’ assistance, booking a Kinshasa flight would be easy.



Book Cheap Flight Tickets to Kinshasa from Newcastle


Booking a flight tends to squeeze out a huge amount of money, leaving none or very less for the holidays. However, we at Crystal Travel really don't want you to miss a thing in Kinshasa – whether you want to explore Lola ya Bonobo or Lac Ma Valle, hunt down the hidden gems in and around Congo River, go shopping or take your little ones to the kid-friendly attractions, you will surely have plenty of leftover money after booking low-cost flights to Kinshasa from Crystal Travel. If you are flexible with your flying dates, the cheapest time of year to fly to Kinshasa from Newcastle upon Tyne is November and the most popular and expensive is July.


With leading airlines, including British Airways, Air France and Emirates operating from Newcastle airport, hunting down a good-value deal is quite simple. All you need to do is choose your flights and bear in mind that Kinshasa flights tend to be cheaper when they're mid-week, early morning or late night flights. There are no direct flights to Kinshasa from Newcastle. The flying duration from Newcastle to Kinshasa is approximately 12 hours. The cheapest days to fly from Newcastle to Kinshasa are Tuesday and Wednesday and the most expensive is Saturday. Therefore, if you would like to save a little cash on your Kinshasa trip, look for cheapest flights from Newcastle to Kinshasa Int’l Airport during the mid-week and save your hard-earned money.

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