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Cairo’s cuisine is worth trying, and when it comes to food, the city has an excellent choice of restaurants at an affordable price. Apart from these, the taste of traditional Egyptian cuisine can be found in small markets and streets. Khan el-Khalili Restaurant is known for its authentic Egyptian food with haute cuisine flair. Kebabs are extremely popular which have undergone a complete metamorphosis in fifty years. Today they are made out of anything starting from fruit and nuts to desserts and fish. Falafel is another traditional dish which can be found everywhere in Cairo. Other traditional foods are fatayeer and muzagga’a.



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Historical and cultural sites are exuberant in Cairo giving the visitors an insight into its past life. Make sure to visit the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, the pyramids of Giza, the renowned Tutankhamen, thousands of artefacts, ancient churches, mosques and monuments.

Other places to visit in Cairo include the Al-Manial Palace, the Amir Akhur Qanibay Madrasa and Mosque, the Amir Taghri Bardi Funerary Complex, the Beshtak Palace and the Cairo Tower.



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Cairo is a major city since the days of Pharaoh and it never fails to make an impression. Although most of its festivals are Islamic religious in nature, yet the city is noted for its international film and book festival to motivate new directors and writers of the region. Ramadan is an important time of the year when everything slows down in the city. Other important festivals are celebrated to commemorate the birth of local saints. 



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Weather plays a pivotal role in visiting the city because summers are generally too hot and humid. Plan your holidays during the cooler months which are from November to March and is regarded as the best time of the year to visit Cairo. There are regular cheap flights from UK to Cairo International Airport with journeys lasting for only five hours.


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