When is the best time to book a flight to Algiers?


The best time to visit Algiers is during the winter months, most probably before the April heat. The bright sunny weather with balanced temperature is perfect for some exciting activities. The peak season for tourists is in August. The night can be quite cold, therefore sufficient warm clothing is necessary.



Where is best places to eat in Algiers?


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Best to shopping around in Algiers?


Algeria may not be well-known for its shopping credentials, but the spread of globalisation has made its mark in the capital city. With massive shopping centres, international brands, there are plenty of shops that sell everything from jewellery, cosmetics, gift products and souvenirs. Available items include copperware, rugs, brassware, embroidered dresses, bags and shoes. It's always fun to shop in such local markets. One of the best places is Algiers Didouche Mourad Street, where you face the skilled artists. Best places to experience some best shopping are: Ryad El Feth: The "Martyr" Mall, the Flee Market, Hassiba ben bouali street and the Commercial Centre Haoua street shopping.



Travel Guide


Algiers is an attractive capital city of Algeria, a maze of some wonderful houses and alleys. Tourists to the city can enjoy a few pretty-looking French boulevards; a drive up the Couvent de' Afrique hill, as well as stroll down the open markets and stylish stores


While downtown Algiers looks modern, the city has also been marred by unrest and atrocities in the past. Most of the interesting attractions are in the old part of the city and the people are quite hospitable and friendly to guide you around. The ancient French buildings, shopping promenade along the seafront are also bustling with visitors all year round.



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