Abu Dhabi

When is the best time to book a flight to Abudhabi?


Abu Dhabi is blessed with a sub-tropical, arid climate that enjoys clear sunny days year round. The best time to visit this city is during the winter months from November to April. Summers from May to October are very hot, escalating upto 49°C.


The high season begins during winters which also create the perfect time for desert adventures, dune bashing, desert safaris making the best of the outdoors with strolls. 



Where is best places to eat in Abudhabi?


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Best to shopping around in Abudhabi?


Shopping, being diverse is regarded as a pastime in Abu Dhabi. You can shop everything at the ultra-modern malls and the small souk-like outlets that preserve latest brands, traditional perfume, spices, handicrafts and carpets.


Are u ready to spend hundreds of pounds on a bejeweled designer watch, or pick up a basic artifact in a supermarket? Get an haute-couture designer outfit, or buy a fabric and get it stitched by a local tailor to make your very own creation at a profitable price.


Most shops open from around 10am to 10pm and even later during weekends. If you are good bargainer, you can grab the best deals.
Young people can grab a quick bite at the street-side cafes offering amazing range of delicious snacks, including popular and affordable shawarma. The 'manakish' is another popular snack on the go.



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Looking for an exotic getaway unlike any on earth? The rare and natural beauty of Abu Dhabi city is a combination of untouched and expansive deserts along with a city by the sea, complemented by cultural attractions and major activities that has been the pillar for the growth of luxury tourism.


Abu Dhabi has larger than life luxe hospitality for travelers, plunge pools, lavish palace and 24-hour service. If you really want to be treated like a prince, nothing else can entice you in the UAE. 


If Dubai is the sister city of Abu Dhabi, then Abu Dhabi relates to it and to us as the big brother. At Abu Dhabi falcons and camels will be your host; and sunbathing, immaculate malls and deserts will be your playground. You just need to be playful and handle such excitement.


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