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Things You Should Know


  • Iberia departs from London to Entebbe.
  • Airport code of London is LON and Entebbe is EBB.
  • The name of the primary airport in London is Luton Airport.
  • The name of the primary airport in Entebbe is Entebbe International Airport.
  • The estimated flight time from London to Entebbe is 8 hours 45 minutes, covering a distance of 4,030 miles.



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The cheapest tickets were found on Kenya Airways, Brussels Airlines and Turkish Airlines. Kenya Airways, Brussels Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways



About Entebbe


Situated on the majestic shores of Lake Victoria, Entebbe is one of Uganda's most popular destinations. Considered as a relaxing stopover point for adventure enthusiasts, this enchanting destination offers an ancient feel. With its thriving scenery and clear waters, Entebbe rapidly became a popular holiday destination.


Several of the city's food joints cluster around the water. Whether you enjoy a bite of pizza, relish English breakfast, are pampered with traditional African flairs, you will not forget Entebbe. Do not miss the sprawling bars and restaurants that offer an overwhelming feel during evenings.



Best Time to Visit Entebbe


The best time to visit Entebbe is during the months of July, March or October. The climate is favourable and it is neither to sunny nor chilly. You can enjoy sunshine and cool evenings that will enable you to explore the tourist attractions.


Low Season: The low season in Uganda is that time when the country endowed with such attractions receives less or sometimes no tourists. It is during the months of April, May and November.


High Season: December to January and June to September are the high seasons. The weather is nice and animal watching is the best in all national parks. July is the most popular time to fly to Entebbe.



Best Places to Visit in Entebbe


Lake Victoria: Entebbe sits on the shores of Lake Victoria. One of the most entertaining things to see and experience in Entebbe is visiting this amazing lake and explore the resorts as well as the food. Enjoy a boat ride with your friends and families and try fishing.


Entebbe Botanical Gardens: Located on the shores of Lake Victoria, the 30-acre sanctuary offers plants, birds, animal life, butterflies, and varied tropical trees. Get a Tarzan feel in the lush surrounding.


Uganda Wildlife Educational Centre: Pat an orphaned or injured animal at the centre and admire a variety of bird species.


Ssese Island: Ssese Islands is a group of 84 small and large islands. You can explore popular atolls such as Kome Island, Bugala Island and enjoy cultural tours and nature walks.


18-Hole Golf Course: Entebbe has a well-maintained and well-preserved 18-Hole Golf Course with rare trees and a few monkeys.


Mbamba Swamp: Approximately 1 hour from Entebbe, you can reach Mbamba Swamp. This is a fantastic habitat to admire rare Shoebill in the wild.


Jinja: With a 3-hour drive from Entebbe, you can reach the Adventure Capital of East Africa. Enjoy white-water rafting, jet-boating, bungee jumping, paragliding, quad bike safari and more.



Airports Serving London and Entebbe


London: There are five airports in London: London City, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, London Luton and London Stansted, out of which, London Heathrow is the main hub with four terminals, a wide choice of shops, food courts, lounges with unlimited Wi-Fi access and relaxation points.


Entebbe: Located 25 miles away on the central business district in Kampala, the Entebbe International Airport (EBB) is the primary international airport of Uganda. Passenger facilities include a left-luggage office, banks, automated teller machines, foreign exchange bureaux, restaurants, and duty-free shops.



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