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Best to shopping around in Manila?


Though Filipino or Philippine culinary is not that famous but one can certainly get the pleasure of fabulous food with great taste, healthy portions and spices that sticks with tongue for a very long time. Out of the vast collection of Filipino culinary, one can taste Sisig, Crispy pata, Chicken inasal, Tapa, Pancit habhab, Adobo, Lechon, Ginataang kuhol, Halo-halo and plenty of other dishes that will soak your mouth with water and delightful taste.


To find optimum eateries in Manila, one have to search for places that are old, traditional, hygienic and
affordable and that can be found at San Miguel, Pasay City, Rizal Park, Malate, Makati Avenues and restaurants 
in local neighbourhood.



Travel Guide


A perfect blend of past and future at same platform, the chaotic and sprawling conurbation of Philippines, Manila has gained its fame for hidden cultural values and traditions beneath the modern and populated society. The sparkling Philippine epicentre has been under the good books of Europeans from years for successful struggle from many historical events including World War II. The transformation process is still visible at the fabulous ruins and historical sites of Manila even now.

At first glance, it might be baffling to express what to make of Manila. This Philippine capital city is a cocktail of convoluted contrasts, sewnmarvellously to spellbind first timers as well as returning visitors with flights to Manila. The masses arrive in Manila only to escape towards Boracay or to an island in the Visayas region. Manila is a world in its own way. An impeccable balance of the West and the East, injects excitement with its atmosphere, infrastructure, culture, lifestyle, food, festivals and the bustling city life.


An Enriching City

Many who have experienced the nature and character of this old historical cosmopolitan with flights to Manila, find it much more interesting and enriching than any of the neighbouring destinations. The city is as electrifying during the night as it is during the day. Manila is highly recommended for vibrant young travellers who love sightseeing, shopping, mixing up with the locals of their age and activities after sunset.



How Manila Came into Being

So, if you like the offerings of a big city, Manila is an experience that is larger than life. Book tickets to Manila with Crystal Travel and gather long-lasting memories. With it's high-speed life, dynamic heritage, appalling traffic jams, fashionable locals, glittering districts and smart skyscrapers, Manila is a booming city, still growing and mesmerizing the world.
What started as a small settlement known as Maynila under the Sultanate of Brunei, the town accepted Islam. Soon after, the area was occupied by Spanish rulers and they established the Manila colony. Several settlers landed in the district, setting up more missions and laying 
out centres. The central location of Manila, Luzon was named as the Colonial Capital that invited several flights to Manila.



From Mangroves to Manila Bay

Manila means 'a place of mangroves' and one can find several of these growing in the swampy areas in the Manila Bay. The new and challenging Manila that we see today grew out of an earthquake that struck the city in 1863. With Euro-American styled architecture, steam trains, streetcars and iconic structures, there was no more looking back for the dynamic city.

Apart from the affluent features of the city, Manila lies among a thriving archipelago of rich and spice atolls that have helped the city to flourish over decades. It's very clear why the West loves Manila. Tourists are stunned with the amazing shopping deals. With flights to Manila, adventure lovers flock into the city to explore historical wonders and the magical natural beauty around. Divers are seen to enjoy discovering the underwater life and capture the rich marine life and colours. A composition of thousand islands in the Philippines, Manila is among the most friendliest cities on the planet. With cheap flights to Manila, visitors will surely have an enlivening tale to tell about 'The Paris of the East'.


Things to do in Manila

Also famed as the 'Pearl of the Orient', Luzon is the largest of the 7,000 islands that conjure up the nation of Philippines. Visitors who come into the Philippine capital with flights to Manila enjoy this bustling city with these things to do. Hence, come hungry and leave joyfully.

How about beginning by exploring the Binondo Enclave? Populated heavily by the Chinese settlersinPhilippines, this is the first Chinatown that came into being in the 1500s. This is a charming places to entice your senses with numerous Chinese goods and cuisine.


If shopping is your first and foremost interest, the Quiapo Market is the most happening place in the city that can be visited with last minute flights to Manila. Situated in the Manila's heart, the throbbing young crowd adds zest to the place. Here, you can find anything and everything, right from churches to endless shops as well as a variety of poultry products and vegetables.

With flights to Manila, peek into the city's past at the San Agustin Museum. Situated within the walled city of Intramuros within Manila, this rambling museum consists of two floors connected by a fleet of glorious stairs. Explore paintings, appealing chests, ornaments,altarsand liturgy.

The Fort Santiago is one of the oldest masterpieces of Manila, which is also located in the walled city of Intramuros. Built in 1571, the fort is strategically resting near River Pasig, close to the Manila Bay. Destroyed once by the Spaniards, the fort was re-established, becoming the major defence fortress at the time of the spice trade.

Would you love spending the entire day at the largest mall of Philippines, which is also the third largest mall in the world. Now this is something! This mall became the icon that raised the standard of entertainment, leisure and shopping in a large scale. Almost 0.6 miles long, it's a den of food, fun and fiestas. Book flights to Manila with Crystal Travel and enjoy the best times of your life.
Seafood lovers and traders can be seen bargaining at the Dampa Seafood Market. This place might not seem clean or smell well, but just to take your eyes of the city's glamour, this seafood market is worthy of a visit with tickets to Manila. The food that you relish in the restaurants come from here. You name it, and it's all there: Oysters, scallops, lobsters, shrimps, seaweed, tuna, salmon, and every kind of shellfish you can imagine.

With flights to Manila, you can escape the city life for a while, you can head towards Corregidor Island. This is a tiny rocky island, 30 miles west of Manila and the entrance to the Manila Bay. The island has a memorial dedicated to the valour, heroism and the courage of Filipino and American warriors who stood their ground against the vast Japanese invaders during WWII. It is also called as 'The Rock'.
Most of us have heard about Rizal Park. Situated in the heart of Manila, the Rizal Park is the largest park in Asia and an oasis for fun and relaxation. There are blooming gardens, fountains, historical icons, plazas, stadium, concert hall, restaurants and several large playgrounds.

With flights to Manila, marvel at the architecture of the Malacanang Palace, which is the official summer home,work place and residence of the President of the Philippines. Set beside River Pasig, the palace is a significant landmark of the nation. It consists a library and museum that educates people regarding the history of Philippines. 

How do you soak up the city of Manila with flights to Manila? See if you can spota coloured jeepneys zooming down the streets of Manila. These amusing jeeps have become the icon of Manila culture. It's easy to get around in this charming city through one of these. Thanks to the leftover and abandoned vehicles of the WWII that have been transformed into exciting passenger vans. With flights to Manila, during summers it can be extremely hot as you travel in these jeepneys. The heat and the journey will not trouble you much as you get busy in conversing with the locals.

Manila caters to locals as well as international visitors with their tradition healing therapies and massages. With their herbal medicines and remedies, the practitioners treat you with coconut oils, banana leaves and aromatic oils.



Places to Visit

It's confounding to decide the places one can visit in Manila with flights to Manila as there are so many of them. For a start, you can enjoy a whirlwind tour of the past at the Ayala Museum. Meander through the floors of the captivating exhibits drenched in culture and history of Philippines. Admire the displays of various periods from the nation's varied and rich past. If kids are with you, it's perfect for them too. The section on sailing and silk trade is pretty interesting, but the most famous wing of the museum is the 'Gold of the Ancestors'. Marvel at the priceless rings, necklaces, golden objects and other jewellery.

Who can ignore or forget the Spanish Intramuros Village? While getting down from flights to Manila, forget your cares and concerns and lose yourself in the 70 hectares of stone lost in time at the ancient walled heart of Manila, that features citadels and vital age-old structures that are almost 700 years old. The Intramuros is made up of ancient Spanish villas and churches, stunning engineering, a horse-drawn carriage and other UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Do you wish to unwind at a local bar by flying into Manila with flights to Manila? The Giraffe Bar is among the top hot spots in Manila. With its steel and chrome design, it's a unique counterpoint to a day of city tour. Enjoy bars of every kind in the Makati district of Manila. The other place for a ravishing evening is 'The Danish Connection'. This fun-filled bar is the only place where you can see a Viking Ship hanging from the ceiling. To get soaked in the Spanish feel, head to Cafe Havana and indulge in anything from salsa to samba.

With flights to Manila, travelling to this city gives jet lag as well as cultural shock. There is nothing to worry as the city gives several ways to shake them off. Just surround yourself in a tranquil environment before you start exploring the city. Right in the centre of Makati, lies brilliant array of trees, flowers and peaceful natural beauty. This place is also filled with public art and lights. After a walk in the garden, there are a few restaurants to enjoy some tasty snacks.

With last minute flights to Manila, on your trip to Manila, do take your kids out to the Manila Ocean Park. Being friendly with the coastlines and the islands, the sea places a major part in providing an insight into the sea life of Philippines. The Oceanarium showcases the thriving aquatic life where visitors can marvel at the exotic fishes, a coral reef, tanks filled with rays, sharks and other exotic fishes. There is also a mall which is aquatic-themed and allows shopping and dining.

Get to see the agricultural life of Manila with the UNESCO rice terraces that are 2000 years old. Capture amazing shots of the heavenly landscape and talk to one of the farmers. The conversation and the sight is both emotional and rewarding. A helicopter ride can also be arranged.

With flights to Manila to admire nature 
at an another level, advance towards South of Manila just to be at the foot of the Pagsanjan Falls. The falls are surrounded by majestic caves, striking landscapes and a few villages. If you enjoy river rafting, you would not mind riding down the rapids on a bamboo. Reach one of the villages and sample authentic Filipino food.

A few Filipino villages take you back into time. Two such mesmerising villages are Antipolo and Angono, located further east from the main Manila city. With tickets to Manila, enjoy walking down the countryside and relishing a traditional meal. The village of Antipolo is usually a pilgrimage destination for Catholics because of the ancient church located there.


Essential Information


Population: City: 1,6 million
Language: Tagalog (predominant of the many dialects) and Filipino (official language)
Metropolitan area: 11,8 million
Time: GMT +8
Currency: Philippine peso (PHP) 1 = 100 centavos

When to Go

Being a region full of islands, the months from July to October experience the typhoon season. One such typhoon 'Yolanda' swept into the outskirts of Manila, causing a huge damage. The best time to visit Manila with flights to Manila is from December 
to February, when the climate is cool and dry. September is known as the holiday season and stretches all the way to Mardi Gras.
However, there is nothing such as 'tourist season' as there are countless interesting museums, artisans, street food and bars that are worth exploring. Just step into Manila and unwind among Arabic, Malaysian, Spanish, Chinese and American influences. The city can sometimes turn out to be chaotic, but even among 
all this you will get to explore something highly fascinating.


The nightlife of Manila is considered to the best in South-east Asia. With cheap flights to Manila, if you happen to be in among the action, then head towards Malate. This is a great spot to experience and enjoy bar-hopping. The Makati district offers a few upscale bars. Students thrive in the Quezon City and at the Morato Avenue and due to the young crowd here the nightlife is highly exhilarating.

To enjoy live music, head towards 70s Bistros or be at Hobbit House. Filipinos love a little bit of karaoke as it is one of their favourite pastimes. Eastwood City offers stylish and varied night clubs along with some tasty drinks and food.


The shopping scene in Manila is not only entertaining but rewarding. Visitors will encounter every kind of shop, boutique and stores under the sun. With more than three gigantic malls, it is not hard to assume why the world shops in Manila. You could start with the largest Mall of Asia or MoA for an out-of-the-world shopping experience. With flights to Manila, head to Greenbelt, SM Megamall, Robinson's Galleria, Podium and Shangri-La Plaza to shop for branded items such as clothes, electronics, home-ware, kitchen-ware and day to day items.
There are other interesting markets located at St. Francis Square, Greenhills Shopping Centre and Tiendesitas.



Despite of the smog and congested traffic, using public transportation is inexpensive and easily accessible. The rail system and the metro rail system is fast and efficient. Taxis, buses and jeepneys are convenient and cheap too. 



With a thriving restaurant scene in Manila, visitors with flights to Manila are unlikely to go hungry. For the locals, it's sometimes more than three meals a day. The gaps in between are filled with snacks called '

Although the city may not have street-food culture like Hong Kong or Bangkok, there are countless places, markets and malls to savour the most heartiest meals from all over the globe.



Most visitors flocking into Manila with cheap flights to Manila either stay in the City of Manila or in Makati, with the choice largely divided along price lines -- broadly speaking, Manila has the budget and mid-range options, while Makati is the place for business hotels and high-end international chains. Security is tight in metro Manila's more upmarket hotels, so don't be surprised if your vehicle is inspected on arrival and your bags passed through a scanner. The international hotels tend to have the most accessible accommodations for travellers with disabilities.



The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL) is the largest and the major gateway into the Philippines. Located approximately 4.5 miles south of Manila, the airport serves as a hub for the entire country of Philippines. Flights to Manila from London takes approximately 10 to 12 hours.

Entry Requirements For UK Nationals

British citizens flying with last minute flights to Manila must have a passport valid for six months after date of arrival. No visa is needed for a stay of up to 30 days, unless passport is endorsed British National (Overseas) issued in Hong Kong, in which case no visa is required for a maximum stay of seven days. On arrival, a visa can be issued for up to 59 days.

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