Ho Chi Minh City

When is the best time to book a flight to Ho-Chi-Minh-City?


The best time to visit to Ho Chi Minh determines with one’s reason/interest for visiting to this city and if you are looking for some pleasant and enchanting exploring of the city and surroundings, you can visit in the months of November to March when the weather becomes more soothing and enjoyable on both the coasts and the city itself.


July and August are the months for great festivals and give the glimpse of cultural diversity, influence in the lifestyle of traditions and culture overlapping the western influence. September and October are the seasons for beach escapade and are optimum to find easy and affordable accommodation. April to July is the warmest season in Vietnam and perfect for outskirt escape.



Where is best places to eat in Ho-Chi-Minh-City?


Enjoy a delightful trip to Ho Chi Minh City by taking flights to Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) available from almost every major and minor airport of UK with heavy discount on flight ticket bookings. Drive your way towards the prime locations of the city with budget car hire options to get to know more about this magnificent city of Vietnam. Find the most affordable deals on flights to Ho Chi Minh City, offers on hotel bookings and car hire options at lowest price from our website.



Best to shopping around in Ho-Chi-Minh-City?


Vietnamese markets keep their hands on the top when it comes to silk. The work and finishing in the silk found here is really exquisite and you can bring back a good amount of quality silk in the form of raw or clothes. Apart from silk, one can find some nice furniture, artefacts, framed art and fabulous crafts in the markets of Ho Chi Minh City.


The best marketplaces you can visit to find some valuable souvenirs or precious things are at Dang Huu Pho Street, Nguyen Hue and District 1. To find some great range of fabulous shops of international brands, you can visit to Vincom Centre and Saigon Square that are not just good for shopping of international products but are also really amazing to admire the local lifestyle.



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French architecture, brave history, fabulous skyscrapers, mesmerizing beaches, Vietnamese culture and zealous lifestyle, all these elements makes this Vietnamese metropolitan Ho Chi Minh City different from rest of the world and attracts global voyagers on a scenic trip to Vietnam. Delightful wealth of sights and captivating history are the prime factors to keep one on the toes throughout the holidays in Ho Chi Minh City.


Ho Chi Minh City

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