When is the best time to book a flight to Brussels?


Brussels enjoys a relatively maritime climate with cool summers and mild winters, making it an ideal city-break destination all year around. Late spring to autumn is probably the best time to visit Brussels as the weather is quite charming and great for al fresco dining particular near Grand Place.


If you are looking for a whole area of restaurants, Place du Chatelain, Rue du Chatelain, Rue Saint Boniface and Place Stephanie have a good mix of different types of cuisine with a captivating atmosphere. They might be small but worth visiting for superb food and service.


Where is best places to eat in Brussels?


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What Eiffel Tower is to Paris, the gigantic iron crystal Atomium Brussels is admired by many. Fun-lovers can head to Mini-Europe, a theme park with miniatures of the most renowned monuments and scenery of Europe. Families with children can have an amazing time out there admiring the miniature setup. Other than these, Brussels Zoo, Parks and the Opera House pose as vital sightseeing places for the tourists.


Best to shopping around in Brussels?


Brussels shopping is not only limited to chocolates, lace and beer. You can sample the high-quality boutique shops and the most eclectic combination of branded items and products at one of the markets in Brussels. How and where to buy the best Belgian beer and chocolates might be your concern, but you might want to have a look at how to buy other fresh produces and duty free souvenir shopping in the city.


Brussels has one of the oldest shopping arcades in the world with confusing variety of items. It may not be the high quality branded products as you see at the shopping malls, galleries or arcades. Some are normally set inside age-old buildings and hidden in alleys and lanes. For luxury shopping you can head towards Boulevard de Waterloo, Rue Neuve and Rue Antoine Dansaert.



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Brussels is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of Europe's must-see destination with small towns, trendy bars, fabulous food, restaurants, great nightlife, fantastic shopping, cultural exhibitions and festivals.


The Belgian capital is known as the Mecca of style, design and art. The streets of Brussels feature art and architecture that is created totally from the Belgian point of view that cannot be replaced. It's a city of fine food and thriving cafe culture. Surrealistic buildings and chocolate shops are equally captivating.

It's nearly a decade on, Brussels is looking better than ever.



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