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The weather in Fuzhou is subtropical, with lengthy winters and very short summers. The coldest months are January and February, and the hottest months are July and August. The typhoons twirl up between July and September. The best time to visit Fuzhou is during the autumn season as well as in the winters too. Especially from October to December, the climate is cool with bright sunny days and lush surroundings. Visitors will love being outdoors.



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Fuzhou is the key industrial centre of China. Lacquerware, stone carvings, ornaments, porcelains are quite popular with locals and tourists. Out of these, the three main treasures are Lacquer, Stone Sculpture and Cork Pictures. These art and craft products are available in the Cultural Relic Head Office, Fuzhou Shopping Centre and the Huadu Building. The departmental stores are numerous and vast. They range right from the luxury brands to the high-end products and even haggling merchandise. Stores such as the Rainbow Store, Oriental Store and the Ocean Grand Department features international brands and exceptional quality goods, gifts and gadgets. Meantime, Baolong City Plaza and Yonghui Supermarket are Fuzhou's more customer-friendly shopping options that are great for picking up every-day goods.



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Are you looking for low cost flights to Fuzhou? Find and book cheap flights to Fuzhou with Crystal Travel. Fuzhou City is situated in south China opposite Taiwan. It has been nicknamed as the 'city of banyans' because of the numerous Banyan trees planted there. It may not be as famous as other Chinese cities, but it is an ideal tourist destination with balletic natural scenery and balmy climate. The city offers spectacular gardens, unique temples, historic architecture and ancient streets. Book best travel deals for your trip to Fuzhou and save on flights, hotels and holiday packages.



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