Belize City

When is the best time to book a flight to Belize-City?


Being influenced by the tropical monsoon climate and the regional festivals, the travel and tourism in Belize City remains on its peak from the month of December to late April when the season of rain starts. During winters, the sprawling beaches are the best thing to witness along with dazzling forests at the outskirts of this fabulous town.


The shoulder seasons from the month of June to October are the best for budget travelling to Belize City when the hotel bookings and flights to Belize City gets more affordable and booking of itinerary is easy as well as one can avail many offers.



Best to shopping around in Belize-City?


The markets and shops of Belize City are quite famous in the region to buy some authentic and designer jewellery and gifts for family and friends. Most of the markets remain filled with the tourists looking for genuine and amazing artefacts and souvenirs to bring back home. Some of the places to find a lot of memorable souvenirs and nostalgic shopping in Belize City are Tourism Village, Cayes, Barrier Reef Drive, Brown Sugar Mall, National Handicraft Centre, Albert Street and a wealth of other places selling the best products to buy at a reasonable price.



Travel Guide


Not so famous but an entirely amusing holiday destination in Central America, Belize City has everything one seeks for on a holiday in the Caribbean Sea. The fabulous city lushes with an exciting range of wildlife sanctuaries, sandy beaches, marine preserves and astounding lifestyle which is really a delight to enjoy and to witness the lively culture on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Besides the sightseeing, the magical bites in the restaurants of Belize City are remarkably astounding and give the impression on visitor’s tongue for a very long time.



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