When is the best time to book a flight to Perth?


Autumn and spring brings in the camping weather, with warm days and cool nights. You can look forward to clear blue skies in April and May, and get a chance to admire whales anytime from September to November. 

Summer means immense heat in Perth. The tourists come for some holiday sun in December, although the temperature can get very high in January and February. You'll need to bring hats, sunglasses and plenty of sunscreen during this season.

Winter is the wettest period. June and July sees a lot of rainfall, but August is the most rain-soaked month in Perth. Pack a rain jacket and several warm clothes while
travelling during this season.


Where is best places to eat in Perth?


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Best to shopping around in Perth?


The city of Perth has over 900 departmental shops featuring electronics, fashion, souvenirs, books, food and much more. Arcades, such as Piccadilly, Carillon City, Plaza and Trinity, each have their own distinct character.


Major departmental stores accumulate a wide variety of goods. King Street, in the west end of Perth, is the den of smart boutiques, restaurants and speciality shops known for originality, uniqueness and style. Browse for authentic souvenirs and contemporary art galleries and enjoy the matchless atmosphere in the city or travel further afield to explore more treasures.



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Perth is the everlasting city with endless sunshine and an easy-going lifestyle. Enjoy the beach-side activities such as sailing, surfing, swimming, diving on the shores of the Swan River that forms the broad lagoon through the city which is ideal for sports and recreation.


Perth is tagged as Australia's most isolated city, almost 4000kms from Sydney road. This isolation never stops the city from being social, vibrant and possessing intoxicating nightlife. Much of the daily life affairs take place in the outer reaches with the inner west suburbs boasting of boutiques, cafes, restaurants and pubs of Cottesloe and Scarborough. The charm of this city is enhanced by some of the best beaches in the world bringing in the touch of the warm Indian Ocean. Perth has several cosmopolitan districts, romantic scenic areas and suburbs that gracefully line the banks of the river.



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