When is the best time to book a flight to Lahore?


Majority of the South East Asian countries are characterized by an extreme climate that flames up the summers during May and June. The temperature can soar up to 48°C with humidity and heat at its worse.


The best time visit Lahore is during the pleasant winters between December to February that doesn’t cascade beyond -6°C.



Where is best places to eat in Lahore?


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Lahore may not be the capital of Pakistan; it still wins hands down as the cultural, intellectual and artistic hub. If architecture and history is your passion, there's a mix of monumental legacies of the British Raj. Every walk through the city can be a mini-adventure.


Over the years Lahore has burgeoned into a bustling metropolis blessed with serene architecture, Mughal structures and gardens. It takes more than a day to get to know this splendid city.



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